Shamieka, the founder and EIC of 1.11ven hails from the beautiful island of Jamaica. In early 2018, Shamieka created an Instagram now known as @1.11ven. The Instagram was created to “inspire you to manifest, create, & make positive changes in your life & the lives of those around you.” Throughout the year she was inspired to create a platform for women of color dominating their respective industries. As a result, this platform,, was created with one mission:

“Celebrating women of color who are entrepreneurs & creatives dominating their respective industries.”

Her hope is to encourage women of color to recognize their value & power and use it to change their world & the world around them. It’s more than clear than the future is female and she hopes this platform shines more light on that fact. Each season, Fall/Winter ‘018 + S/S ‘019, etc. there will be a series of 11 interviews and write-ups on/with various women who are change-makers in their respective industries.  



Amirah is from Philly and has been in NYC for almost four years now. Amirah is an entrepreneur, and she wears a number of different hats. She is a freelance wardrobe stylist who enjoys making others look amazing and feel confident in themselves. Amirah has always had a strong passion for fashion and has had her own blog showcasing her sense of style and writing about fashion, style, music, & beauty since 2015. She is also a published author! She currently has a poetry book on Amazon called “The Stages of Me: Poems of Growth & Metamorphosis”. Poetry is so near and dear to her heart.



Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Sade always loved writing and reading any chance she could! Now living in D.C. and currently in pharmacy school, Sade decided to recommit herself to writing and hopes to be the next J.K. Rowling with a sprinkle of Issa Rae for the next generation. For now, she'll mainly focus on her enjoyment of music and help the world discover great talent one article at a time.