Step Into The Alluring World of Hoekagay


Self-taught Graphic Artist Hoekagay’s work is not for everyone but to the curious mind; one has to stop and stare. Going through her work and you'll wonder if you fell through the rabbit's hole to a parallel universe filled with black women goddesses and cyborgs. A mixture of a futuristic world and a planet unhinged from societal expectations, Ms.McKoy allows you a sneak peek into what an alternate universe might look like. Her overall aesthetic can be called "post-neo-Afrofuturism."

Getting co-signs from the likes of FKA twigs, SZA, and Kelela, her work is certainly isn't going unnoticed. The North Carolina native has made it a priority to show black women, particularly, dark-skinned black women, in a way that hasn't been explored in pop culture and it's been paying off. She's been featured in Dazed Magazine as "Instagram Of The Week," but that was only the beginning. After her highlight, she was commissioned by Dazed Fashion to edit photos from fashion week just off the strength of her portfolio. Stemming from childhood fantasies, her concepts emanated from being an introverted kid. When asked by Interviewer Michelle Hallstrom for NBGA on the ideas behind her art, she responded: "I’d say my ideas come from childhood fantasies. I was pretty shy growing up, so I was always off in my own little world dreaming of different places, things, and ideas. So naturally, it just carried over into my young adult life. I still get inspired I guess in the “traditional” way everyone else does (TV, movies, music, books, etc.) But I think I interpret things a bit differently than most. I think my artistic process is both releasing my ideas and also a physical manifestation of self-love". The foundation of her art is to provide representation and inclusivity.

You can see her work featured in several publications, including Flaunt Magazine, Coeval Magazine, NBGA, and more. McKoy's Instagram handle @3rd_eyechakra is a nod to Avatar: The Last Airbender and her appreciation towards spirituality. Over the years as McKoy developed even further as an artist, she explained to me that even though the subject matter and composition hasn't changed that much, her technique and courage for tackling certain topics have evolved tremendously. "It’s like having what you want to say swirling in your head and then finally learning a language to speak it. It’s a new form of communication", she elaborated. In terms of her audience, McKoy wants her black and brown femme onlookers to feel like they matter and to feel like they are the powerful beings she makes, and she certainly does just that.


To have such an eclectic career, one can ascertain that only those that are on this path are aligned with their purpose. When I brought up the idea of manifestation, Hoekagay responded with an insightful explanation, "I think we’re all meant to go down a certain path in life from birth. We don’t have total control over our lives whether we want to believe that or not, but I think when people let go of that obsession of having control and go with the flow of life, it’s like we can go much faster toward what goal we want to reach out of life. So in a way, yes I believe in manifestation, but I think it only truly comes to fruition when we align with what we're born to do".

High Black Art is not seen frequently, and McKoy wants to be known as someone who helped in the collective of high black art. She wants to create more space for black creatives to be who they want to be, clearing the road of obstacles for more people to pass through. Being a relatively new artist on the scene, the aforementioned goal won't take a miracle since she's well on her way on creating a wave that cannot be ignored. For all fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and anything POC, make sure to check out Ms. McKoy and her artwork - a legend in the making.