Living in color shamelessly

Paola Mathé

Paola Mathé

Imagine scrolling through Instagram and stumbling upon Finding Paola’s page. Not only will she draw you in with her bold and colorful feed, but also with the way every picture embodies the elements of black girl joy and magic. Paola Mathé is what I would describe as exceptionally divine. Following the path of creation and her penchant for bright colors,  Paola embarked in her limitless journey to artistic endeavors in 2014 by launching a headwrap collection called Fanm Djanm. Originally from a small town in Haiti, she often recalls the fact that her journey was never easy but rather challenging. However, her determination and ambition have helped her get through these difficult times.

What I admire the most about Paola is her fearlessness and readiness to leap into the unknown. She moved to New York and began working as a residential manager; opening and managing various hotels and restaurants in Manhattan. When she had time for herself, she would share her vibrant personality on her lifestyle blog, Finding Paola.  In her blog, she created this space which you can follow her through various categories such as travel, style, people, diary, etc. It’s almost as if you’re having a special look into her hued world. 

Her headwrap collection, Fanm Djanm which I had discovered while on my search for a black-owned business that catered to black women in a powerful way. Paola infused her love for energetic colors in her brand while simultaneously celebrating strength, freedom and the art of living boldly. Fanm Djanm, a Haitian Kreyol word that means Strong Woman,  is the representation of confidence and courage. The styles range from bandannas to headbands to headwraps of course. Paola didn’t stop there; On the website, there are displays of accessories of all sorts including bags and jewelry. If you particularly enjoy vintage clothing, I’m sure some of the recycled and upcycled pieces will grab your attention. This wonderful brand also consciously enforces a zero-waste policy with the reuse and recycling of fabrics. I also enjoy the fact that Fanm Djanm at times handpicks fabrics, dyes and supports local entrepreneurs in African countries. 

Paola Mathé is a woman that isn’t afraid to add pops of color in her wardrobe and her life, as well. She is remarkably powerful in her skin and exudes this essence of her being. As many, I am absolutely ecstatic to witness her growth unfolding and her brand.