Bossing Up & Breaking Boundaries - Badgal Riri Strikes Again


Every single day when I wake up I’m so proud to be a black woman! From our glowy, melanin-filled skin to the wide variety of curl patterns we each possess, it makes us each so unique in our own special way. We are resilient, beautiful, hardworking, and so much more! I have plenty of women in my life who inspire and motivate me on a regular basis. They show me that whatever I want, I can go out there and get. But there’s one woman who I don’t know personally, but I still admire her outstanding work ethic and how she continuously carries herself like a boss, which keeps me encouraged; she goes by Robyn Rihanna Fenty. This woman is the epitome of a hustler, just recently launching her luxury fashion brand, Fenty, with LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy) which is the largest luxury conglomerate. Every time I turn around she’s bossing up and breaking boundaries for black women and our culture.

Unapologetic, gorgeous, badass, and driven are just a few words that come to my mind instantly when I think of Rihanna. Hands down she’s my favorite person when it comes to fashion and serving a good look! I always say she could wear a trash bag and I’ll still scream,”slay” but her confidence is through the roof and she looks phenomenal in every single thing she wears. I had the memorable experience of interning for one of her stylists, Mel Ottenberg, back in 2017. Those moments will forever stick with me, truly an indescribable time in my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Rihanna’s last album, “Anti”, which in my opinion was her best body of work vocally and has hits upon hits , was released back in 2016. I know we’re all ready for new music, but look at all she has done between that time! Every month she’s dropping something new for her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty. From vibrant lipsticks to eye-liner colors to concealers/foundations that match every woman of color’s skin tone and undertones to perfection, it caters to the women who were often forgotten by other brands. Her lingerie and intimates line Savage x Fenty has also been a major success. Savage x Fenty offers you your simple day to day bra and sexy colorful lace underwear. The women have spoken and we are here for all of this!

A few months ago I remember hearing talk that Rihanna was building her own luxury brand with LVMH but there was no concrete evidence and no definite answer. Still, I hoped it was true, knowing how huge of an accomplishment this would be. Finally, on May 10th it was confirmed that Fenty was now a luxury brand with LVMH! Not only does LVMH handle some of the biggest and oldest luxury fashion brands but also alcohol, cosmetics, watches, and more. Hennessy, Sephora, Celine, and Bvlgari are just a few of the many brands within the LVMH umbrella. For Fenty to be toe to toe with some of my favorite luxury brands like Fendi and Loewe makes me so happy. Most importantly, Rihanna is only thirty-one years old and she’s the first woman & woman of color to be at the top of any LVMH brand. I was very close to tears when the headlines started announcing this because if there’s one thing in this life that I love, it’s seeing people, especially my people win! Rihanna has become a part of history and to know this is only the beginning for her makes it even more exciting.

This past Friday Rihanna had an exclusive debut of her first collection titled, “Release 5-19” in Paris and on Wednesday, May 29th, the full collection went live online! For the past week, different looks from the collection were posted online, including the campaign and inspiration behind the first collection. I immediately went on the site to check out the pieces and I was not disappointed! I want everything from Release 5-19 to just magically appear in my closet right now, at this very moment. The release of Releases 5-19 also gives me more motivation to stack my coins up, so I can generate more disposable income to support! I love sunglasses and the Fenty ones are flawless. I remember sometime last year paparazzi spotted Rihanna on-the-go wearing Fenty sunglasses and we all knew this was coming. However, being able to now see the variety and different colorways makes it so much more real. The design is fresh, chic, and immaculate!

Of course, you can’t always please everyone, so I did see a few people on Twitter saying the Fenty prices were too expensive. Ranging from $180 for caps, which she named “NO CAP” to $1,360 for a reversible parka, which you can see Rihanna wearing in the picture above. These prices are exactly what they are supposed to be; with quality comes a higher price point. We don’t ask Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other high-end designers for discounts or complain about their prices. With Fenty engraved buttons on many of the pieces, the brand has introduced itself in an unforgettable way. Rihanna has her foot, probably wearing her new spiraling sandals which I’m obsessed with, on our necks once again and she’s killing the game! I know there’s much more to come and she’s going to keep hope alive for myself and all of the other women out here who are on a bigger mission!