Raising Global Consciousness One Post At A Time With Idil Ahmed

"You'll soon be living what you prayed for. Just recognize the many things that have already happened for you." - Idil Ahmed

Credit: Twitter/@idillonaire

Credit: Twitter/@idillonaire

In this tumultuous world, Idil Ahmed created a platform to instill spiritual growth for individuals and businesses alike. Reminiscent of a shining beacon of hope, she has set out to raise global consciousness in a multitude of ways. Idil is the creator of Idillionaire, a lifestyle and consulting firm that infuses the essence and power of truth and positivity, to those who seek it. If you've been fortunate enough to come across her Twitter or Instagram account, you'd see the gratifying affirmations that will leave you smiling regardless of your current state of mind. A glance of her tweets or posts and there's a 95% chance you'll instantly feel emotional heaviness dissipating from your spirit. Every once in a while, we all need reassurance that everything will be ok, right? Idil is an author, speaker, and social media influencer with an educational background in Human Biology at the University of California San Diego. Idil knew she wanted to delve even further and tap into the universal energy and inner wisdom we all have access to, but science simply could not explain fully. After committing time and energy seeking knowledge from an array of resources and life experiences, she wrote: "Manifest Now."

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If you're familiar with the works of Rhonda Byrne and Napoleon Hill, Idil's self-help guide fits right in with its inspirational messages on how to manifest your ultimate reality. On her website, idillionaire.com, Idil offers a plethora of articles if one is yearning for more ways on how to connect with their higher selves. From "Tips to Supercharge Your Manifesting Abilities" to "Remove The Mask and Become Who You're Meant to Be," you're guaranteed to feel reassured that you are in control and it's never a bad time to find gratitude for your current situation. Happiness can and will be elusive at times, but it is at these moments where letting go and entrusting the Universe is a sure way of recharging your internal batteries for better days.

Additionally, Idil announced that she would be offering courses with the idea of providing a package that will guide others on their journey to self-discovery. So many of us go through life without truly learning what our purpose is so if you're one of the lucky few make sure you thank your lucky stars. On the flip side, if you find yourself stuck in a rut and wondering when will the rat race end, remember that "we can decide to be completely renewed and invest in recreating ourselves." To take control of your life and to have a personal rebirth is an illuminating experience anyone can achieve. The one consistent theme is that no matter where you are in life, make sure that with all of your might that you command what you want without any worry of your past or future. Accept the call, spread your wings and manifest now.