Snoh Aalegra FEELS, and she wants the same for you

Courtesy of ARTium Recordings

Courtesy of ARTium Recordings

Snoh Aalegra is an open-book enigma if there were ever such a description. The alluring singer came onto the music scene in 2014 with her debut EP There Will Be Sunshine. Within seconds of the intro, she opens up with an emotional piano ballad reminiscent of the time she called Stockholm home. Coming from Persian descent, raised in Sweden and now based in L.A., Snoh gets her inspiration from a myriad of places. It's not hard to notice, however, that Snoh writes her music in such a way that it's universally relatable. While talking to gal-dem, she goes into detail saying that listening to Lauryn Hill made her writing even better.

I feel like her album is still so relevant to me, so I'm inspired by my own life and the music I listen to. All my lyrics are real life, everything is a true story. – Snoh Aalegra


She covers a range of topics from alienation, independence, growth, love, and hopelessness. You know, the issues that fill us with quaking trepidation but Snoh has a knack of reminding the listener that they are not alone in their internal struggles. On her debut album FEELS, Aalegra's affinity for Hip-Hop elements came to the forefront. With features ranging from Vince Staples to Logic mixed in with hazy, ethereal beats and hints of jazz and funk throughout the project makes for an engrossing experience.

 The songstress has linked up with some high-power talent including Drake, RZA, Common and even had the honor to be mentored by the one and only Prince for two years prior to his death. During her interview with Billboard, she recounts on valuable lessons learned while spending time with the legend.

It was crazy getting the phone call from him that first time when he wanted to meet me. He was one of the biggest reasons why I left a major label at the time. He really pushed me to be an individual artist and to really leave a mark. It's a big reason why I'm independent right now. He's one of my biggest heroes in life, and is an icon to a lot of people, so just hearing from him that he believed in me was incredible. – Snoh Aalegra

 Snoh signed with Sony at the age of 14, knowing from an early age that music was her path. In July, it was announced that her current label – ARTium Recordings – will be partnering up with AWAL on a worldwide, exclusive deal with Snoh. The deal includes services such as global marketing, campaign coordination, and global distribution, which would give the common fan reassurance that the singer has plans to keep on growing and grooving. Her music has been everywhere from being featured on HBO's Insecure to Nothing Burns Like The Cold being played during an Apple's commercial in support of their iPhone Xs model. Recently, Snoh released two singles earlier this year to prepare her fans for her album -Ugh, those feels again which made its debut on August 16th. At the end of the day, Snoh just wants people to feel something, and with this album, you'll do precisely that. Keep your ears open because you're bound to hear her music one way or another. She's coming for her rightful place in the R&B palace.