It's Time to Meet the One and Only Duvv

Simply put, Duvv’s music sparks joy in my life. Ever since I stumbled upon her music serendipitously, I was hooked. With her conscientious lyrics tied with synth-pop beats alongside a variety of musical elements heard in her songs, it’s the fusion of everything that makes Duvv (pronounced like “dove”) one of a kind. It’s hard to place her music in a particular genre, but just like Lil Nas X she prefers it that way.  The Trinidadian-American singer, songwriter, and producer became enthralled with Korea’s music scene while participating in a student exchange program and hasn’t looked back since.

On her journey to discovering this creative path, Ravahn Duval took a chance on singing and within a relatively short time frame has managed to rack up sizable attention from reputable media outlets. Since 2016, she released several EP’s, and with her recent single “Love Galactic” she’s priming to release follow up music coming soon. Her last EP, Acid, started with “WAS YOU” which depicts a time of being self-aware and convincing our psyche to let go of the past but perception is key especially if you're guilty of only paying attention to the rhythm of a song. Even though you'd be cheating yourself, the hypnotic beat of this song and the EP in its entirety is a treasure chest that gets better the more you delve in further into the project.


Consequently, it comes as a surprise that Duvv has no formal training or any prior experience as a musician, but her story tells of a person that refused to settle and to follow her purpose. The self-taught artist is focusing on remaining authentically herself while improving internally and spiritually, which will indirectly make her craft stronger. This year, her sole purpose will not be on "outward projections and performances" but instead focusing on becoming a stronger, better person and artist. She went into further detail stating, "This year has been a lot about internal growth, which has been quite the ride.”

When asked how her music has evolved, she elaborated on how she shares her music and the way she's directly involved in the creation process has changed:

 "Right now, I'm working on ways to open up more to listeners through my lyrics. In my last EP, ACID, I have a song titled "Kite In the Sky." It's a direct conversation about depression. A number of people reached out to me to share their appreciation and a bit about their personal experiences. To touch people in that way means a lot. I hope to continue evolving in that direction. My purpose is to inspire people to be closer to God, love, and healing. I'm also working on producing my own music now, so that has been a significant shift. I can be more involved in the sonic and conceptual composition of my music."

Working on ideas for music, sending emails, and watching videos and film is a concise summary of the day-to-day activities for DUVV, and one look at her visual work is a compelling result from such tasks. Duvv is a force to be reckoned with, and every aspect of her music is fundamentally created to present itself as genuine and raw while keeping the listener engaged. Not only can you take heed to the story at hand but that same song can work perfectly on the dance floor. Go ahead and take a listen and see for yourself.