Let's Talk Money Honey: Financial Freedom all 2019!

Who is Khadija? What do you want to be known for in this lifetime?


Khadija is a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, and just family to so many people. Generally, I would say that I’m just a woman who has been afforded so many great opportunities and I’ve been extremely blessed to just be put in a position to not only recognize opportunities as opportunities but also be in a position to be able to take advantage of them. Because of that, I have three college degrees, two in Accounting and one in Finance. I’ve been extremely blessed to work for a Wall Street firm and I live in a really cool city! I’m currently living in Brooklyn. Overall that’s who I am. For now, I think that who I am as a person is ever evolving! What do I want to be known for in this lifetime? That’s a tough one because if I’m completely honest with you I don’t really know what I want to be known for in this lifetime but…I will say that I hope that I can continue to be a blessing to people. [I hope that I can] continue to be a person who affects change, be a role model and someone who just remains authentic and genuine through it all! In this lifetime, no matter where it takes me…just remain genuine, authentic, a positive influence, and a real change agent.

Who/What inspired you to start Money Honey?

I would say that the inspiration for Money Honey is very deeply rooted in my childhood. My parents were terrible at managing money and because of it, myself and my younger sister had to miss out on a lot of opportunities. I could always remember wanting to change that for us. I was very focused on making sure that I was very good at managing my money. Money management, in general, was always an interest to me. Then when I got to college, I had a weird epiphany one day after leaving a professor’s office hours. The conversation had nothing to do with class and everything to do with his personal finances. When I left it hit me and I realized that I was given an opportunity that a lot of people were not given. I was able to have conversations with these people who were very successful. I figured all of my experiences thus far was not just for me. They were for me to share with other people as well. I figured I would start something where I could share all the incredible things I was learning. There was no way God was blessing me with all these amazing things for me to keep it for myself. Money Honey started because I was naturally interested in money management from my parent’s mismanagement of money. Also, just being in college and being able to connect with so many people, I wanted to be able to share with other people!

How do you manage your growing businesses on your own or with limited resources?

Child, I don’t know (haha). I’m still trying to figure it out if I’m being completely honest with you. My time right now is split between 3 really important things. One, my full-time job; that’s important because it pays the bills. Two, studying for the CPA. That is going to help me with my next move. Three, Money Honey. That’s important because that is the one thing that excites me and fills my spirit. With Money Honey, the resource that’s most important is time and it always seems like it’s so limited because the other two things are so big & exhaustive. What I’m able to do to manage that and to still grow Money Honey is a few things. One is to do what I can! I try not to overextend myself. For me, it’s most important for me to give quality content and not so much quantity. Another thing I do is schedule things in advance. All of my post for the week are scheduled on Sundays. If you don’t see anything posted, it’s because I’ve had a very busy weekend. I also tap into my resources…and I pray for Money Honey every morning! I also had to be ok with my business growing slowly…and not comparing myself with other people. When it’s time for this thing to be big, its gonna be big and I don’t have to rush it


Are there any companies or other entrepreneurs you’d want to collab with in the near future? *let’s speak it into existence*

For sure, for sure there are. I would say right now my biggest dream is to be sponsored by Discover. My first credit card was with Discover and I love Discover. If I could get some type of sponsorship to just talk about how much I love that credit card that would literally be a dream! I also plan to do a lot of things on my own with Money Honey like bookkeeping services & accounting services once I finish my CPA. There are so many entrepreneurs and small businesses I would like to work with. Too many to name! Any small clothing line, urban fashion brand, I want to be managing all of their companies money. That’s the goal to be honest. Another person I would like to work with is Drake. I love him so much. I want him to hit me up one day and be like “dij I’m going on tour, we need a production accountant, are you free?” That would be a goal!

Who are some of your favorite female bosses?

I have a long list because I love women who are doing the damn thing! Just to give a few: Karen Civil and Ming Lee! They are like my Instagram sisters. You can’t tell me that I’m not related to the two of them! Obviously Oprah…she’s like my number 1. I just really wish that she was my aunt. Who else…? Claire Sommers of Fashion Bomb Daily! I’m obsessed with her too! Honestly, all of the people who are my age just killing it. They are truly an inspiration to me!

Favorite women of color to follow on Instagram?

Karen Civil, IamMingLee, Claire Sommers

Favorite artists/album right now?

Right now, I have Ella Mai’s album on repeat. I love everything about it from start to finish. I don’t know if I can say that she is my favorite artist, but that’s definitely the album that I probably listen to every day for right now.

Any self-care tips you use to stay looking so bomb!?


I would honestly say that one self-care tip that I do that’s so important and has been so pivotal in my life, in general, would be making myself breakfast in the morning. For one, every breakfast that I make for myself is healthy so that goes into me looking well. Two, I start my day with me. So when I walk into the office, I’ve already done something for Khadija before it’s time for me to do something for other people and I think that gives me a confident aura. It makes me feel good about my self and how I start my day. I would say that’s like the biggest self-care tip that I do, is try and do something in the morning for me before I do stuff for other people. As far as looking good. I try to get my haircut every 3 months, wash my face at the end of the day. Skincare is so important! I go to the gym, not as I frequent as I should, but probably like 2-4 times a week on a good week. When work gets crazy it’s like no time so I’m trying to work on that.

What was your 1.11ven moment/breakthrough/a time you realized you could do anything you set out to do?

I would say that my 1.11ven moment has been instilled in me throughout my entire life and I didn’t realize it until my freshman year of college, the second semester, and I was taking Supply Chain Management 200. I got my first D or C on an exam and I was freaking out. I was crying, like OMG, how am I going to get into my major? I need like a 3.5, I’m going to fail this class. There was this girl who was also in the same class with me, and she lived on my same floor. She also had gotten a C. She had a 4.0 the semester before that so it was even more crucial to her because she’s like “I don’t want to mess up my 4.0.” We went to class after we got our results and the teacher let us know that he would drop the lowest score on the exam. After class me and the girl talked and she was like “so what are you going to do?” I said, “he said it doesn’t really count, he’s going to drop the lowest score.” She decided to drop the class because she didn’t want it to mess up her 4.0 gpa.

I watched my mom do the impossible way too many times for me to give up on anything the first time around. It was in that moment that I realized that watching my mom struggle and overcome so many struggles has always made me feel like anything was possible. It took that moment in college for me to realize that that's how I felt about myself. I called my mom to thank her for never giving up...I know that giving up is not an option for me now!

If you could give a young girl one piece of advice, what would you tell her?

I would tell her, you are who you hang out with so make sure you choose your friends wisely.

Are there any upcoming projects that we can expect to see you flourish in?

It’s funny that you asked this because I’m actually doing Money Honey strategy right now for next year. At the beginning of next year, I will be so focused on passing the remaining parts of my CPA exam; so there won’t be as many Money Honey projects but you can expect to see me pass the CPA exam! By the end of next year, I will like to make “Let’s Talk Money Honey” an in person event! I’m thinking to do some kind of college tour with it so that’s something you can look out for. Money Honey 2020 is going to be a big deal, that’s all I’ll say so make sure that you’re following so that you can be in tuned for everything that’s happening with Money Honey in 2020. That’s the year!

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