Mckenzie of Georgia Clay, shares her creative process, dream collabs & more!


Who is Mckenzie? What do you want to be known for in this lifetime?

Mckenzie: My humble response would be im just regular smegular girl from Georgia ( in my Cardi B voice ) with hope her desires that will take her all over. I only want to be known for being me but the BEST me.

What inspired you to create Georgia Clay?

Mckenzie: Sitting at job that doesn’t do anything for you but simply cut a check will inspire the uninspired, I promise you that. I had/have so many ideas, thoughts and desires of the life I wanted, so one day I just said “F it. Lets try”. I wanted to construct an outlet for me to create and build on. So I would say ‘life’ inspired Georgia Clay- its my foundation to the life I dream of.

What does your creative process look like for Georgia Clay?

Mckenzie: I am a very indecisive and impulsive person so a lot of my process looks like overflow of ideas and constant edits. I may think of a design for an unplanned experience or random scene in my head and design an easy ensemble for me, go to the fabric store, buy a bulk of fabric with a grand plan, go home and change EVERYTHING! The process goes forever until I have to just to stop myself and trust it.

As a budding entrepreneur and creative, finding the resources you need for your business can be difficult. How do you utilize what you have to get what you want with limited resources?

Mckenzie: Having limited resources sucks sometimes but it’s also just a test to do best with what you have. Between being in Atlanta and being raised by a single parent, I have learned the art of finesse. Sometimes I do have to compromise plans and designs for what is possible with what I have. There are plenty of times I can’t get the material I want, or I don’t know how to do things (like properly use a camera other than my iPhone, lol) but I just have to figure things out as they come. I’ll never have it ALL figured it out. So I have to fake it til I make it.

What person or company would you love to collaborate with?! *lets speak it into existence*

Mckenzie: I would love to work with Teyana Taylor. I fan girl over her and honestly she would make any of my designs POP with her body alone! I would also love to have my brand in brick and mortar stores like an Atlanta favorite, Wishatl and other online stores like Asos and Opening Ceremony.

What was your 1.11ven moment/a time you realized you could do anything you set out to do?

Mckenzie: Every time I knock something off my list, it’s a reminder I can do anything- no matter how big or small the task is. But I think my launch day was my 1.11ven moment. After months of planning and preparing, it was such a great feeling to see all your work come to life. I never designed and created for the masses, directed a photo shoot, created a website but to see all that I did with no real direction it was so fulfilling.

What are your self-care rituals/tips?

Mckenzie: A self-care tip is finding what brings you peace and balances you. Whether it’s watching your favorite movies, facials, going out with friends or even being in complete solitude. For me, I absolutely LOOOOOOVE to light my candles, opening every window in the house to let the sun come in and dancing all around the house and cook. It’s just a great release of unplaced energy and anxiety. When all goes to sh*t, dance and eat!

How would you describe your personal style and how has that inspired your brand?

Mckenzie: This is one of the hardest questions to answer because my style is so moody. It changes from day to day, sometimes by the hour. Overall, I like things with great ‘wow’ factors but very simple and easy. I guess it translates in my brand because everything I design I want it to be very wearable- something you can wear to a brunch, day party or toss on. Thee ‘go to’ fit.

Favorite women of color to follow on IG?

Mckenzie: @tiaraina  @kristennoelcrawley  @renellaice  @bronze_bombshel @bossbells @sashaelina @alealimay @eenahsanairb

Favorite podcasts, books, and/or music right now?

Mckenzie: I love music and it motivates me so much. It enforces and amplifies all my moods. I listen to A LOT of Atlanta rap, so it’s a lot of Key!, PeeWeeLongway and Nudy. They help me get me in my bag. When things are calmer, I set the vibe with Jorja Smith, Kali Uchis and 6lack.

What can we expect from Georgia Clay in the coming months?

Mckenzie: Consistency! The plan to roll out more designs SS19 including a swim line (*update: swim line just dropped is available for pre-order) . I plan to grow our brand, more collaborations and to tap into new comfort zones for the brand and myself. Georgia Clay is growing and evolving. We are excited!

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