The Future Female Cake Boss: Michelle Rose Shares Her Hustle!

Who is Michelle Rose?


Michelle: Michelle: My name is Michelle Rose and I’m 22 years old. I’m a first generation Haitian American; my parents were born in Haiti. I was born in Delaware County, PA...Lansdowne to be exact. I went to school here all through elementary and high school & then once I graduated I attended a culinary school. I just had a baby boy, who’s 6 months today so I’m having some friends over to celebrate his half birthday. I’m an aspiring businesswoman. Aspiring to become better! So yeah, that’s Michelle right now!

Can you tell me more about The Sweet Rose Bakery? What inspired you to start your business?

Michelle: You can say it just started this past July. It actually had another business that people know me from, Rose Pastries that I had with a partner. We decided to part ways, but it was still my passion. I still had that in my heart to do what I intended to do. The name is from my middle name, Rose. I was named after my late grandmother. I also love roses. I love the meaning of them. They stand for growth, love, and purity. It’s pretty close to my heart! I wanted the bakery to be something modern, something people would know the name of and revert it back to me Michelle Rose as the brand!

What inspired you to start your business?

Michelle: It was my first business. I fell in love with baking, pastries, and cakes in junior high school. I came across Cake Boss and could not stop watching it! I looked for shows with the same concept and from there I couldn’t stop. I started baking and found that I had a passion for it.

How did you get to the point where you’re this good at what you do?!

Michelle: The times I actually started to work towards it was 16/17. I use to be apart of bake sales in high school & that’s when people realized, she can actually bake. Baking is just one of those things you have to be consistent with! You get better and better. I watch videos of other people in the business with more experience. You just have to do it, there’s no way around it! A month after my son was born, I was right back in the kitchen.

How do you manage your growing business on your own or with limited help/resources?     

Michelle: It’s not easy. Something I’m still trying to balance overall. I put my son first, he’s number 1 at this time, but I also make room for my business. The first thing that helps is time management. Second, is just learning constantly. From the past business, I got my feet wet and networked a lot. I met other entrepreneurs that are bigger than I am. I feel like it's about who you know. I try to go to networking events as much as I can. Whenever you know people doing the same thing or pass where you are, learn from them. Last thing is to be consistent. If I don’t know something I’ll look it up online, read a book, or ask someone I know. Other than that I’m just out here winging it!

What are your favorite albums/songs right now?

Michelle: Big Sean – Double or Nothing. Cardi B – helps me get in my bag! LOL! Jay Z and Beyonce last album, Everything is Love. Astro World. H.E.R, Scorpion by Drake. Love, Love, Love Drake!

What about some of your favorite books?

Michelle: My best friend just got me a new book called, You’re a badass. I also love the book, The One Thing. Most of the books I’ve been reading are on developing as a person. My boyfriend and I read, Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill together. That is a book that will change your life!

What’s one piece of advice you would like to send #ToAllGirls trying to find their purpose?

Michelle: My advice is to not be too hard on yourself. Remember, it doesn’t come to one person as it does to the next person. Be open-minded. Look up stories of people that are billionaires, like Oprah, you’ll see a lot of them started really late. Always keep going & don’t slack in the now. Stay ready, be ready for whenever it comes! Network & surround yourself with positive people + energy.

What was your 1.11ven moment/breakthrough/a time you realized you could do anything you set out to do?

Michelle: My 1.11ven moment happened when I was young! I knew I wanted to be a wife, have a husband, and have a big house. I knew I didn’t want to work for someone forever. I wanted to travel. I knew it so young, 6/7 years ago. I was disciplined and ambitious. It’s a process. It’s crazy [how everything falls into place].

What are some upcoming projects that we can expect to see you flourish in?

Michelle: In the near future, I would like to have a launch event at some point. Holiday specials coming. I like to do different flavors for the changing seasons! I’ll also be doing another cake giveaway. I also have a referral program where customers can receive free baked items from referrals.

How do you as an entrepreneur + mom find a healthy balance? What are your self-care rituals/tips?

Michelle: I’m not giving myself enough me time. I’m primarily with the baby. It’s pretty difficult [to find a balance]. However, I like things like making homemade face masks & I love watching movies. I also enjoy being around people that make me happy. Writing down my aspirations, a good book, good poetry, a good bath also helps. Sometimes I like to clean up and get my makeup and nails done. When you clean up it makes you feel good!

Who is your dream client/company to collab with? *let’s speak it into existence*

Michelle: I’ve never thought about collaborating with a company. If a company asked me I would not say no. I do love Sprinkles, it’s like the number one cupcake phenomenon. There are lowkey Australian bakers that I really love. I think it’s a big business there! I also love Carly’s cupcakes & Cakes by Ellen.

Michelle: I really like their work! They’re very inspiring & it keeps me on my toes. But besides my local customers & friends…I would love, love, love to make a cake for Draya Michelle and Big Sean. Also, my friend Danielle (LetsTalkFood ) does healthy vegan and gluten-free food. She had a dream that I made a dream for Angela Simmons son! Maybe, that’ll come into fruition. It’s really hilarious because her son’s birthday came after she had that dream. I should have slid in Angela’s DMs when I had the chance. haha!

Michelle: When you’re into whatever you’re doing you figure out who’s in the industry and follow their journey.

Since we’re talking about following people, who are your favorite people on Insta to follow, especially women of color?

Michelle: My local friends. People like my big sister has a clothing business, Shopegofreedom where she hand sews them. Another person, who’s also in the same business, Tanisha (Bananacrumble). Nicole Pervy, she has a podcast, has books out, and a group called “Better than success”. Honestly, people who are just motivating! Draya Michele, who has so many businesses now. She’s popping out here!

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