Move Out The Way, Brittney's Coming Through!

Who is Brittney Shurley? What do you want to be known for in this lifetime?

Brittney: She’s a dreamer, I want to be an impactful person on a level beyond the superficiality of modeling & fashion. I want to be known for being a very multifaceted woman that was brave enough to do anything and everything exactly how she wanted and when she felt it.

What inspired you to pursue modeling?


Brittney: To be honest, I can actually pinpoint the exact moment. I was in 5th grade & my mom went shopping and she came back with a new perfume, Versace Bright Crystal. I loved the smell so much so I went on our computer and tried to look up the price because I wanted one of my own! When I got to the Versace site their spring/summer 2008 runway show was the opening web page and I was hooked. The girls, the music, everything about that show was amazing. Then I started watching ANTM & I just prayed that I’d grow up to be tall hahaha.

Who are some of your favorite models/designers? (Dead or Alive)

Brittney: I think my favorite models would be Gia Carangi & Freja Beha Erichsen. As for designers, Yves Saint Laurent & Gianni Versace of course! I also think Virgil Abloh is very cool & very talented.

Describe your style in three words!

Brittney: I’d say it’s very young and very trendy and lastly maybe sexy? I always try to show a little skin with whatever I wear.

What was your 1.11ven moment/breakthrough/a time you realized you could do anything you set out to do?

Brittney: I definitely think when I booked Adidas it was like that moment for me. I had literally just woken up. It was around 9 am and my Booker texted me with the news unexpectedly because I didn’t cast for it or anything so that definitely shook me up and made me feel like I had to work harder because the universe clearly wants me in this game!

Has there ever been a time where you doubted yourself and wanted to end your modeling career? If so, how did you push pass that doubt?

Brittney: Oh hell yes! A lot more than people think...I’d say I’ve had about 3 good scares with truly believing that I was just not meant to do this. The industry is seriously not for any light-hearted person. You have to be so tough and so brave to put your all into it because it can crush you mentally and physically. My most recent experience was after being in Africa this summer. I had to come home early & I just had such a broken spirit you guys cannot even imagine. My boyfriend and my friends were really the best support system I could ever hope for but ultimately I’d still say I got through it because no matter how broken the dream got for me it was still alive in my heart so....I’m still here!

What advice can you give to young girls (and boys) who want to pursue a career in the modeling industry?

Brittney: I think my advice would be to learn how to work with people in a way that makes you memorable and to create genuine relationships with the people you meet; whether it’s the hairstylist or the photographer because those things can be incredibly beneficial to you later. And also to check your fear & anxiety at the door because this career forces you to be open and adventurous and if you’re not you won’t be successful.

What are you doing when you’re not modeling? What’s the tea sis?!

Brittney: I would love to tell you something extremely interesting like sculpture or racing cars but I love movies and I wanna act at some point too so I watch a lot of different stuff like foreign films or TV shows that I could see myself in. I also really do love fashion so I’m always vintage shopping or trading clothes online.

What are your self-care rituals/tips? How do you stay looking so bomb?

Brittney: I’d say my tip would be to find exactly what works for you and not to listen to other peoples tips hahaha. I’ve had so many negative experiences with beauty/skincare recommendations from others because we all have a very unique body chemistry & nobody is more in tune with you than you, so just test a lot of options & make sure you get adequate amounts of sleep & hydration. That always makes anyone look good.

What’s your favorite album out right now & why?

Brittney: I think Astroworld was the album of the year for me but in this moment Ariana Grande’s album Sweetener is just something that resonates a lot with different personal stuff I’m experiencing. And sis has rangeeee!

Favorite women of color to follow on Instagram?

Brittney: I love Aleali May (@AlealiMay) she’s a stylist/designer and Alanna Arrington (@AlannaArrington) she’s a really cool model that I have a huge girl crush on.

What are some upcoming projects that we can expect to see you flourish in?

Brittney: I actually have an editorial in Radiant Health magazine that I did with Donte Maurice that should be coming out soon… The rest is a surprise!

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Interviewers: @abdul.mstpha + Shamieka

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