Rayya, The Epitome of Stylish & Modest !

Who is Rayya? What do you want to be known for in this lifetime?

I’m a 22 year old Black Muslim Woman born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. In this lifetime, I would love to be known for inspiring other young Muslim women to not be afraid to go after what they want. Also, to show them that you can be stylish and keep up with trends while covering up.

What and/or who sparked your interest in Fashion?

What sparked my interest in fashion would be my older siblings and my mother. They always dressed so well. When I got old enough to dress myself I took some ideas from everyone’s style and made it my own.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

To be honest, I don’t follow what’s going on in the fashion world, I’m more into personal style. I design a lot of the clothes I wear and my mother sews it for me, so I would say myself! 

Can you describe Rayya’s style in three words?!

Unique, Modest, and bold

I saw that you recently did a campaign with Bumble! Congrats!! How was that experience for you?

Thank you! It is amazing! It was hard to keep the secret for so long but now that it’s here it feels so good. My face is all over NYC. To be 1 of 100 most influential New Yorkers is amazing to me. I never took a look to see how much of an impact I have. It makes me happy to know that I am inspiring people while being myself.



1 of 100 most influential New Yorkers!

What was your 1.11ven moment/breakthrough/a time you realized you could do anything you set out to do?

My 1.11ven moment would be the bumble campaign I’m in currently. The campaign features 100 New Yorkers who they feel are inspiring others. I saw myself on a sightseeing bus, on the cover of the New York Post, on a wall in Williamsburg, and my favorite is on a wall in the Times Square 42nd street subway station. It’s still surreal to me that this happened.

What advice would you give to young girls when it comes to finding their own style and embracing their uniqueness?

My advice would be to wear what you like and stay true to yourself. When you are being yourself people gravitate towards you. Also, try different style trends, even something out of your comfort zone. You never know you may like it.

Are there any other fashion bloggers you’d want to collaborate with in the near future? What about companies or brands? *let’s speak it into existence*

I would love to work with brands I shop with often like ASOS, Zara, and Forever 21.

What’s your favorite album out right now & why?

My favorite album would be Miguel’s War & Leisure. I’ve been a Miguel fan for a long time. There isn’t a song on this album I don’t like.

Who are some of your favorite women of color to follow on Instagram?

I have a lot but to name a few: 

@jadapinkettsmith, @kyrzayda R.I.P. , @micaelaverrelien

What are your self-care rituals/tips?

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of saying positive affirmations everyday. It helps build self-esteem and makes me feel better. We don’t realize it but we say many negative statements about ourselves daily.

How do you stay looking so bomb sis?

Thank you! I love getting cute, so if I’m going anywhere I’m dressing up. I always say “when I look good, I feel good.”

Are there any upcoming projects that we can expect to see you flourish in?

As of now, I’m going to start writing new blog posts. Hopefully, in the future you will see me working with bigger brands. 

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Rayya’s blog: https://www.l0velysurprise.com/

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